Air Bud Seventh Inning Fetch Buddy plush review

For my first merchandise review I've decided to review the plush of Buddy from Seventh Inning Fetch.

While I am unsure of how this plush was made available to the public, perhaps it descended from heaven, They do seem to be relatively common and do not sell for much on ebay. This plush figure is very well made and worth any amount of money. Fortunately I was able to obtain this plush without paying an arm and a leg(Something I would be willing to do if necessary) and I feel blessed for that. While we never see Buddy wear an outfit that is identical to this it is obviously based off of his uniform from the film with a few changes.

The first major difference is that it says BUDDY on the back instead of K9 which is forgivable. The other main difference is that the movie logo is included on the plush while nothing is present on the front of the shirt in the film. Overall I would give this plush a 9/10. While it is not completely screen accurate it still is of incredible quality and I recommend it to any Air Bud fan.


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