Is there going to be a 6th Air Bud film?

In October of last year multiple sites reported that a 6th Air Bud film had begun development. While the sites that reported this aren’t the most reliable it does seem that it may be a possibility. While it is odd to think that a sequel would begin development 15 years after the previous entry in the series there is a chance. It would reportedly release in 2020 so there is still time before official word of the film would be announced to the public but we can hope. Personally I hope that the rumor is true as I would love to return to the Air Bud Cinematic Universe. Something that makes me less inclined to believe that it is happening is that a series is also said to be in development. I feel it is less likely for a series to release than a movie. In the end we won’t know until we receive official conformation one way or another.


  1. It's true! On Air Bud Entertainment's website, under the "Press" section they linked an article that said a 6th film is coming and a show!


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